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21/3/2020 About Hongdefa milling machine production and delivery in coronavirus special time 

19/11/2019 Sign contract for maize milling machine with client from Africa.

16/10/2019 How was the meeting of Zimbabwe customer for 100t maize mill machine layout

29/08/2019 Installing 50t/24h Maize Milling Machine in Malawi

​19/08/2019 Shipping 30t/24h maize milling line to Arusha Tanzania

17/07/2019 Shipping schedule of maize wheat flour processing equipment in July 2019

​10/07/2019 Visit Luanda Angola for flour milling machine in August 

05/07/2019 Kenya client book second flour mill machine after second years

20/06/2019 Attending AGRITEC AFRICA 2019 in KICC Nairobi Kenya

12/06/2019 Loading maize flour mill container to Congo

11/06/2019 In Tanzania meeting for flour milling machine

15/05/2019 Meet Hongdefa in Nairobi,have a good start of flour mill business

07/05/2019 Hongdefa Team visit Tanzania for maize milling machine on 26th May

19/04/2019 Hongdefa meet flour milling clients during Canton Fair time

​10/04/2019 Hongdefa visit Ethiopia for wheat flour mill machine from 12th April 2019​​

02/04/2019 Visit Dakar Senegal for flour milling machine business from 7 April 2019 

25/03/2019 Hongdefa 300t/24h wheat milling machine successfully operation in March 2019

18/03/2019 Loading maize milling machine to Kenya after SGS inspection approval 

15/03/2019 Installing 150t/24h wheat mill plant in Egypt

08/03/2019  Installing 30t/24h maize milling plant in Blantyre Malawi 

01/03/2019 Inspecting maize mill plant for SONCAP in Hongdefa factory

19/02/2019 Hongdefa Meet you in Kenya from 28th Feb to end of March

16/02/2019 Loading 150T/24h maize milling machines to Kitwe Zambia 

01/02/2019  Chinese new year holiday

26/01/2019 Loading containers for Uganda 50t/24h maize milling plant

15/01/2019 Thousands of people buy breakfast meal from 240T maize mill in Kitwe Zambia 

09/01/2019  Hongdefa engineer installing 50T/24h maize milling in Kenya

29/12/2018  Hongdefa flour mill wish you happy new year 

11/12/2018  Do maize milling business in Kenya

​04/12/2018  The 100T/24H maize mill project in Makurdi,Benue State,Nigeria

29/09/2018 Hondefa Flour Machinery visit Zimbabwe,South Africa 7th -18th Oct. 2018

​21/09/2018 A nice trip in Egypt

10/08/2018 Is possible to meet you in Egypt for maize/corn/wheat mill machine business?

03/08/2018 Kenya client get good flour from his milling machine

19/06/2018 Visit Kenya for flour milling machine business  from 28 June to 7 July 2018

18/05/2018 Ethiopia client visit Hongdefa and put new order

15/05/2018  Welcome to taste green fruits in hongdefa farm 

03/04/2018 Would you like to meet China maize milling machine engineers in Harare Zimbabwe?

26/03/2018 Where you can see running maize milling machine wheat flour mill when visiting China? 

02/02/2018 What kinds of maize flour food in China?

15/01/2018  How much knowledge flour it has?

4/01/2018  Busy Shipping Month for the Corn Flour Milling Machine in December 2017

24/12/2017 Come to see the video of 150 ton maize milling machine running in Kenya 

28/11/2017  How to buy maize milling machine travelling from Uganda to China 

/11/2017  Cleaning is so important in a wheat flour processing plant

25/10/2017 Wow,Kenya and Tanzania customer meet again in Hongdefa Maize Milling Machine

10/09/2017 How to calculate the profit of the maize milling machine?

15/08/2017  How To Earn Profits From Maize Mill Business In Kenya? 

28/07/2017 Current Status of Deep Processing of Corn in China  

18/07/2017 What do I need to know before starting a maize flour milling factory in Uganda?

06/07/2017 Visiting Nigeria for maize milling and wheat flour mill business 

18/06/2017 China Students Cross-Border E-Commerce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 

03/06/2017 Where sell good quality maize milling machines 

15/04/2017 Hongdefa milling machinery-Year of 2016

09/02/2017 Inspection corn meal milling machinery in Hongdefa machinery from Ghana 

06/01/2017  Commissioning 10 tons/24h corn flour milling machines in Pemba,Mozambique 

21/11/2016  Make a video conference with you for maize/wheat milling machines Running in China Hongdefa factory

28/09/2016  Hongdefa team will visit Uganda for the 24th International Trade Fair for Maize Milling Machines from Oct 3 - Oct 10

08/09/2016  Angola client visit Hongdefa inspection of maize milling plant of 10 ton/hr!

18/08/2016  maize mill machines of 10 ton/24h ordered and deliveryed on same day!

30/05/2016  Delivery 20 tons maize flour mill to Zambia

25/05/2016  Engineer go Nigeria installing wheat flour mill while "Tomato emergency" in Nigeria

18/04/2016   Congrats! 200 ton per 24hour wheat flour mill plant start running in Egypt 

14/04/2016   How to earn profit from maize milling plant in Zambia ?

17/03/2016  Shipping to Nacala port of Mozambique for the maize milling plant 

05/01/2016   Small scale maize flour milling machines  ordered by Mozambique client in 2016

15/12/2015  Wheat flour mill with 36 tons/day capacity - Client from Ethiopia checking flour mill quality in China factory

10/12/2015  Lower transport cost for Kenyan maize mill business plan as Chinese company building Kenyan rail link

08/12/2015  Maize milling plant 120 ton/24hr Three Chinese engineers to Zambia installing the maize milling plant 

14/11/2015  Maize hammer mill of Uganda start running in eastern of Uganda milling 30 tons/24hr to super fine maize flour 

24/12/2014 Come to see the video of 150 ton maize milling machine running in Kenya 


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