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Lower transport cost for Kenyan maize mill business plan as Chinese company building Kenyan rail link 

With our knownledge that around 60% of people will choose 20 tons - 30 tons maize milling machines to begin with. That means the maize milling machine will process raw maize ( mainly white maize for Africa and yellow maize for South America )  20,000kilograms to 30,000kilograms  per 24hours. 
For the 20 - 30 tons maize milling machines ,the total investment is relatively low but is also a proper maize flour mill business plan for industrial use. 

One can get all investment back within just three months from the 30 tons/day maize flour milling machines! That is amazing! 
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Before, truck is the main transportation tools from Mombasa port to Nairobi and some other western regions of Kenya,but after 2017 that the Rail way will be the main method and most economic way! 

That will be significant in reducing transportation costs, creating job opportunities and promoting the industrialization process such as milling project especially maize milling business plan in the whole Eastern Africa region.

One can do more investment like put more maize flour milling factory in the industrial parks along the Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway.

For sure,that will stimulate the economic especially for Eastern Africa!

That is an encouriging news that China President Xi Jinping announced assistance and loans totaling $60 billion for Africa to help the continent address its top three difficulties: infrastructure, talent and funding. 

Also, another announcement was made by China Communications Construction Co (CCCC) that the company will build a standard gauge railway link across the whole of Kenya to Malaba, and will invest in the industrial park from the beginning point of Mombasa,the sea port of Kenya. 

The Standard Gauge Railway from Mombasa-Nairobi is in building,total is 472 kilometers. It will be finished by 2017. 

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Nowadays,people are more closer than that of yesterday. People living in different village of the world is easily to get in touch by phone,by website ,by SMS. 

More and more investor find that it is really a profitable maize mill business plan,especially for Africa countries,like Kenya,Uganda,Zambia,Zimbabwe ,Congo,Tanzania etc. And the maize mill business plan is actual and realizable as people want food all the time,like Kenyan friends like Ugali best,which is made of sifted maize flour (super maize meal) . 

One can live without car,big house but one would die without food. 

So an increasing number of investors is looking for maize flour milling machines from China,where most of maize milling manufacturers located and provide reasonable price. Like from , and