Aflatoxin B1 rapid test strip card for maize mill machine

 2.  Aflatoxin Tester

 We have two kinds aflatoxin testers, one is  ST-2000 Aflatoxin enzyme labeling instrument another is  aflatoxin B1 rapid test strip card. It can test the content of aflatoxin in the raw maize ,wheat ,corn etc. 

2-1. ST-2000 Aflatoxin enzyme labeling instrument

The ST-2000 aflatoxinenzyme labeling analyzer is an analytical instrument necessary for the analysis of aflatoxin and enzyme-linked immunoassay. The principle of solid-phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent ELISA, ie, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, consists of two instruments, the instrument and the B1 kit, which can quantitatively and quantitatively determine the content of aflatoxin B1 in the sample (such as other kits, can be measured Other toxins), widely used in immunopathology, microbial antigen and antibody detection, parasitic disease diagnosis, blood disease diagnosis, plant pest research and other fields and grain, food, feed, oil, dairy products, medicine, beverages, wine and other products Detection of aflatoxin B1.
8.The amendment of district difference can be adjusted directly on the panel(-2.0~+3.0), easy to amend.

The technical data and diagram of Aflatoxin enzyme labeling instrument are as follows:

technical data of grain moisture tester for maize mill machine

Laboratory equipment 

technical data and diagram of Aflatoxin enzyme labeling for maize mill machine
photo of flour checking sieve for maize flour wheat flour
the photo of ST2100 Near-infrared grain analyzer for maize flour processing line

Hongdefa machinery not only supply maize flour milling machines,but also have the supply of laboratory equipment for maize flour milling machines,such as Micro Dosser for vitamins, Aflatoxin Tester,Grain Moisture Meter,Flour Checking Sieve, ST2100 Near-infrared Grain Analyzer, ST11 Crude Fiber Tester,ST-06E Water Saving Automatic Crude Fat Meter etc,which are widely used in flour milling factory and combined with maize flour milling machines. 

Grain moisture meter for maize milling machine

Note: this is the picture and diagram of grain moisture meter which is widely used in grain processing

 factory, such as wheat mill factory, maize mill factory, soybean processing and paddy processing factory.

photo of fortified machine for maize flour corn flour wheat flour
Manual insert moisture Meter for maize mill machine

The technical data and diagram of ST114C flour checking sieve.

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Grain moisture tester for maize flour mill machine

3. Grain Moisture Meter

 For Grain Moisture Meter,we have two kinds for your reference: one is ST-129B Grain Moisture Meter another manual insert moisture mater. 

3-1. ST-129B  Grain Moisture Meter

ST-129B Grain Moisture Meter is a new-generation moisture instrument that recommend by our company, the meter improved a lot on its performance, compared with traditional meter, now it save time and energy, reduced the human factor effect, easy to use, suit to the requirement of Grain Collection and Storage Industry and Laboratory. The meter has follwing advantages:

1.Fast measuring speed, no need grinding, save time and energy, solved the conflict between inside moisture and strong grinding.
2.Wide measuring range of moisture up to 3-38%.
3.Sampling tube with uniform drop material device, the measure result is reliable, accuracy and good repeatability.
4.No need weighting, reasonable structure make the reading unchanged when grain sampling amount in the ±10% of its rated value. Improved the adaptbility of the products.
5.Wide working range, moisture temperature auto compensation, during the temperature range of -10~+40℃, the moisture compensation can realise good tracking.
6.Super low power consumption. The working current less than 0.1mA. 8 hours continuous working everyday. When it appear with low battery voltage, the meter will prompt to change battery. The meter will shut down by itself after 30 minutes when leave unused.
7.the meter can measure more than 10 types, can satisfy the requirement of most customers.
8.The amendment of district difference can be adjusted directly on the panel(-2.0~+3.0), easy to amend.​​ 

The technical data and diagram of moisture meter are as follows:

photo of fortified machine for maize flour corn flour wheat flour
photo of fortified machine for maize flour corn flour wheat flour

 2-2. Aflatoxin B1 rapid test strip card 


The AF B1 Rapid Test Strip is based on a competitive colloidal gold immunochromatography technique for rapid screening of grain grains containing AF B1. Add the test solution to the sample well on the test paper card, and combine the AF B1 in the test solution with the gold standard antibody on the gold standard pad to form a complex. If the concentration of AF B1 in the test solution is lower than the sensitivity value, the unbound gold standard antibody flow When it reaches the T region, the AF B1-BSA conjugate immobilized on the membrane combines and gradually aggregates into a visible T line; if the AF B1 concentration is higher than the sensitivity value, the gold standard antibody forms a complex and will no longer be combined with The AF B1-BSA conjugate at the T line combines to form a visible T line. The unfixed composite stream passes through the T zone and is captured by the secondary antibody of the C zone and forms a visible C line. The appearance of the C line indicates that immunochromatography occurs, that is, the test paper is effective.

The technical data and diagram of Aflatoxin B1 rapid test strip card as follows:

Sensitivity 5ppb
Materials needed

1. Glassware: beaker, measuring cylinder, dropper, pipette.
2. Small pulverizer, household hair dryer, 4000 rpm centrifuge, balance with a sensitivity of 0.1 g.
3. Ethyl acetate and purified water.

Conservation and stability

Store in a cool and dry place at 4-30 °C. Do not freeze, avoid direct sunlight, and valid for 18 months from the date of production.

Test procedure

1. Take more than 5g of representative grain samples and pulverize them (over 20 mesh sieve), and accurately weigh 2g of uniformly pulverized sample into the centrifuge tube.
2. Accurately add 4 mL of purified water and ethyl acetate to the centrifuge tube, tightly seal the stopper cap, vigorously shake for 5 minutes, and centrifuge at 4000 rpm for 1 minute.
3. Take 2 mL of the supernatant into a small glass with a pipette, and dry the filtrate. Refer to the table and take the corresponding volume of the diluent to reconstitute the bottom of the cup according to the residue limit. This solution is the test solution
Cereal Residue Limit (ppb) 5 10 20 30 40 50 100
Use diluent volume (ml) 0.8 1.6 3.2 4.8 6.4 8 16
4. Remove the test paper, place it on the table after opening, and slowly and accurately add 3 drops of the test solution to the test paper hole with a dropper.
The result was judged at 5.10 minutes, and the result after 12 minutes was invalid.

Explanation of results
Positive: C-line coloration, T-line visible to the naked eye, no matter whether the color depth is negative.
Negative: C-line coloration, T-line does not develop color, and is judged as positive.
Invalid: The C line does not develop color, and the test strip is judged to be invalid regardless of whether the T line is colored or not.

This product is a screening reagent. Please use any other method for further confirmation of any suspicious results.​

3-2. Manual insert moisture  Meter

Operational Manual

Digital Moisture Meter is the introduction of foreign advanced sensor and microprocessor technology, manufacturing high-performance, digital moisture measuring instruments. Principle of using high-frequency devices, digital display, sensors and the host into one, with 11 stalls used to measure a variety of grain moisture. Measuring moisture wide range, high precision, and small size, light weight and portable on-site rapid tests. Of food industry, acquisition, test its products ideal instrument moisture.

Technical performance

1. measuring moisture range: 0% ~ 80%
2. use of the environment: -5 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
3. precision: ± 0.3%
4. showing:  LED  display
5.size: 530 × 70 × 35mm
6. weight: 0.36kg
7.power supply: 1 knot 9V battery (6F22)
8.unique sensor design and production methods are beyond the normal ability to penetrate.
9.proprietary sensor technology, the scope of work contributions, can be inserted measurement, quick display.
10.stable performance, high quality, portable instrument case as proprietary design.

Work Environment

Temperature: -5 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Humidity: ≤ 85% RH

How it works

The instrument is the introduction of foreign advanced technology uses high-frequency theory, that is, the instrument has one natural frequency, the measured water content of different things, pass through the sensor into the machine frequency is different from the difference between the frequencies of two, after the frequency-current converter to convert digital display
Instructions for use:
Moisture Meter for contact measuring instruments, measuring the premise that sensitive parts of the sensor (multi-10mm less than in the preceding paragraph) with the measured object full access to, in general, the sensor probe into the sensitive areas should be measured as much as possible within the object in order to reduce measurement error.
EUT around the metal if it will lead to measurements are not accurate, and called for sensors sensitive parts of the house should be inserted around the 20cm metals.


1.handheld instruments, the sensor probe body rotation into the socket, appropriated for the switch ON, LED screen displays 0 ± 00.5, such as outside its scope, we should slowly adjust the zero knob, so that figures show that less than that in the 0 ± 00.5 be.
2. according to EUT stall different options:
Millet,Rice,wheat, sold, corn flour, wheat flour, peanut flour, starch,
mung beans, sunflower seeds rice, sunflower seedscorn, Kidney beans, red beans, adzuki bean.Soybean
3. will probe into the measured object, the generation of digital stable, indicating the number of measured values of material moisture. 45 seconds automatically shut down.
4.the digital calibration: Due to a variety of dielectric materials are very different, these stalls for the proposed stalls, such as the use of error can be corrected through traditional methods, such as the measured Reagent water is 5%, with 7 files tests showed values of 4%, counter-clockwise rotating dial allows the display to show 5%, look at dial position is referred to a few at a later time measurement of the same material that choose this gear. If the display value is greater than the actual water content values, the dial clockwise, so that numerical values to the actual water. Similarly, this and the next stall. Since then you can not check.
5. replace the battery:
When the zero knob does not adjust to the 0 ± 00.5 or less or a digital display on the erratic jump, please replace a 9V battery (6F22). Level will be pushed back up the battery back cover to replace a 9V battery, if battery power,
Open the battery cover, took out the battery with a small screwdriver adjustment on the side of a small brass screws (potentiometer) to adjust the case of positive counter-clockwise and vice versa clockwise.​

ST-2000 aflatoxin tester for maize milling machine
The technical data and diagram of ST114C flour checking sieve for maize mill machine
Grain moisture meter for flour milling machine

5.  ST2100 Near-infrared Grain Analyzer

 Portable near-infrared grain analyzer is suitable for high-efficiency, rapid, non-destructive, quantitative analysis of samples of water, protein, starch, fat and other indicators. It can be widely used in the detection and analysis of soybeans, rapeseed, wheat and other cereals. Quality identification provides a quick test method. The instrument can be used in different occasions such as laboratory, workshop, vehicle, and field.
Main technical indicators of the instrument:

·Spectrum range: 680-1050nm
· Resolution: better than 10nm
·The sample cell optical path can be adjusted: 6mm, 10mm, 18mm, 25mm, 29mm
· Detector: Silicon Diode Array
·Measurement method: transmission, up to 10 subsamples can be detected in a single measurement

4.  ST114C Flour Checking Sieve (high standard)

 ST114C circular power checking sifter obey the request of newest national standard GB/T5507-2008<grain and oil testing, flour fineness testing>, sample flour being sieved on different standard sieve surface, different granular material were separated, thus calculate the fineness of grain according to the residual quantity.  It adopts Worm gear and worm which has stable center of gravity, high accuracy doing variable transmission. Via eccentric link, it does  plane rotating movement,the Compressor arm bas, which is connected with the tray, can tighten the sifter, electronic timer controlled by singlechip has features of high precision, easy operation, realize time setting, timekeeping, emergency stop, goes back zero automatically.  The Technical indexes of this machine fully match GB/T5507—2008 National standard. 

Max sieving quantity: 200g
Tactical diameter: 50mm
sifter frame area: Φ 300mm(diameter)
Height of sifter frame:30mm
Rotating speed: 260r/min
Timing scope: 0 ~15 min ( adjustable )
motor power:120W
operating voltage:AC220V
Dimension: 440mm × 340mm × 255mm 

1.  Micro Dosser for vitamin, minerals

The micro dosser is for fortified meal, which is mainly used for adding 

modifying agent, vitamin and other powder additive in maize wheat

corn flour. It can also be applied to the addition of trace substances in feed, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. 

Main technical parameters:
(1) Barrel volume: 3kg
(2) Feeding amount: 1-6 g/min, 3-15 g/min, 5-25 g/min, 6-36 g/min, etc.
(3) Supporting power: 50W
(4) The motor output speed is 0-170 rpm.
(5) Volume: length × width × height = 56cm × 28cm × 36cm

 Structural features:
This machine is mainly composed of DC servo motor, turbine reducer, DC motor governor (flow regulator), screw pusher shaft, stirring shaft, barrel and frame.

The machine can adjust the speed of the DC servo motor in the range of 0-170 rpm through the DC motor speed controller, so that the amount of the additive can be adjusted by changing the rotation speed of the feed shaft to meet the needs of different user sizes. The agitator shaft is mixed by operation to prevent agglomeration.

Grain moisture tester for maize milling machine
the photo of ST11 crude fiber tester for maize flour processing line
the photo of ST11 crude fiber tester for maize flour processing line

7.  ST-06E water saving automatic crude fat meter

 The ST-06E water-saving automatic fat measuring instrument is an automatic fat measuring instrument designed and developed according to the national standard GB/T14772-2008. The ST-06E water-saving automatic fat measuring instrument is based on the classical Soxhlet extraction principle. A greasy method to determine the fat content of a sample to be tested. The instrument has various automatic extraction and extraction modes such as Soxhlet extraction, hot extraction, Soxhlet extraction, continuous flow and standard hot extraction.

The instrument can automatically realize extraction, rinsing, organic solvent recovery and other humanization.

The fat analyzer is widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, food, environmental and industrial industries. It is mainly used for the determination of fats in foods, dairy products and feeds. It is also suitable for the determination of soluble organic compounds in detergents, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, fiber products, soils and sludge.

The advantage of the ST-06E: the unique compressor cooling method, the coolant inside the instrument circulates without the need to connect cooling water.

6.  ST11 crude fiber tester 

 ST11 crude fiber tester is suitable for the determination of crude fiber content of various foods, feeds, etc. The test results are in line with the national standard GB/T5515, GB/T6434. It is an apparatus for digesting samples according to the currently used acid-base digestion method and performing weight measurement to obtain the crude fiber content of the sample.

ST116 crude fiber tester uses accurate acid and alkali concentration, digests the sample under certain conditions, and then removes soluble matter with ethanol. After high temperature burning, the amount of mineral is deducted, and the content is called crude fiber. It is not an exact chemical entity, but a summary of the ingredients measured under recognized mandatory conditions, with cellulose being predominant, with a small amount of hemicellulose and lignin.

Technical specifications: 
1. Targets: Various of feed,flour,grain, food and other agricultural and sideline products which need to determine the crude fiber content 
2. The number of test samples: 6 / times 
3. repeatability error:
The crude fiber content is below 10%. and the absolute error is less than 0.4.
The content of coarse fiber is above 10%. and the relative error is less than 4%.
4. Measurement time: About 90min on the instrument (including acid 30. alkali 30. filtration and washing about 30 points).
5. Power supply: AC220V/50HZ 
6. Power: 3.3KVA 
7. Volume: 540 x 450 x 670mm3 
8. Weight: 28KG

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