The left photo is the plansifter workshop.

The processing photos. The ladies in the up-middle is for the sifter-trays,they tight the trays and the frame,you also can see the finished sifter trays.The trays is made by special wook,which is durable,healthy.Also here  is the structure of the plansifter. When the plansifter  is working, it is on the high speed, so requesting for high quality and high accuracy.

The plansifter have 2section;4section;6section;8section

The up photos is the Hongdefa factory workshop and buildings.Hongdefa totally have 3sets constructions,two are for manufacturing,one for store the machine. And also have the office more than 500 square metters.And in the factory also have the hostel and canteen for the workers.



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Hongdefa Flour Mill Technical Team

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Hongdefa Flour Mill Sales Team

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Some photos are the client visit our factory for buying the wheat/maize milling machine,some photos are the successful project.

Some clients from Kenya, Zambia,Uganda,Namibia,RD Congo,Zimbabwe,Ethiopia ,   and some from Pakistan, India, South Korea,Brazil, Egypt, Algeria

,Angola,Sudan,And South Africa etc.

Photo instruction:

No.1 Brazil Client Mr.Fabio sign the contract for 200T/24h wheat flour mill        No.2 Egypt Client MR.Muhammad order 200T/24h wheat flour mill

No.3 Pakistan Client Mr.Maqbool sign contract for 120T/24h wheat flour mill  No.4 Kenya Client Mr.Edward order 50T/24h maize milling machine

No.5 South Korea Client order 70T/24h maize milling machine                                    No.6 Zimbabwe Client Mr.Weslay sign contract 120T/24h maize mill

No.7 Tanzania  Client  order the 10T/24h maize milling machine,and together with the Egypt client MR.Muhammad have the party in our company

No.8  Kenya Client order the 30T/24h maize milling machine                                         No.9 The Kenya client order the 30T/24h maize flour milling machine.

No.10 Namibia and Uganda client visit our factory at the same day,and we together have the dinner in the restaurant 

No.11 Have dinner together with Kenya Client                                                                       No.12 Mozambique client visit China factory ,check the running mill

No.13 India Client check the project we have done near our factory                          No.14 South Africa client Mr.Collin test the maize mill in our factory 

No.15  Zambia Client in our China factory see the running maize milling               No.16 Algeria Client in our factory check the plansifter 

No.17  Ethiopia client 500T/24h wheat flour mill                                                                    No.18 Kinshasa/RD Congo client is happy for the 20T/24h maize mill

No.19  South Africa client is happy for the roller mill                                                             No.20 Angola Client check the PLC of wheat flour mill machine 

                      1                                       2                                       3                                        4                                      5

Photos of the Clients


Maize milling machines & wheat flour mill professional manufacturer - Hongdefa factory has more than 30years experience in milling business. 

Hongdefa is around 270km far from Beijing National airport,and 30km from Shijiazhuang national airport. Around  1.5h from Shanghai by air,and 2.5h from Guangzhou by air 

Hongdefa have more than 100workers,the workshop area more than 30 000square meter,office more than 500square meter, 

Have office in Africa: Lusaka/Zamiba

                                              Addis Ababa/Ethiopia 
                                              Kinshasa/RD Congo

This is the photo of roller mill workshop,

which show the painting system,and the processing workshop.And one finished roller mill.For this is the auto-roller mill,the feeding system is auto-feeding. And The roller mill need to be ordered by client request.The fluting parameter is different.Tthe material supply is also different.The roller mill control system can be digital or buttons according to the client request.Each part of the roller mill is made by sincerely processing.