About Hongdefa milling machine production and delivery in coronavirus special time 

After more than 60days with the assistance of the Chinese government,doctors and soldiers, the CORONAVIRUS have been under very good control in China, more and more patients have recovered and been discharged,just few patients in the hospital.

Hongdefa factory is in Hebei province, around 300km to Beijing, and 1000km to Wuhan(Most coronavirus happened in Wuhan). We are very far to Wuhan, our town do not have any coronavirus patient. our work are very well. 

Hongdefa factory begin producing 45days ago on Feb 1,2020. Every day morning and afternoon, all the office, workshop,and warehouse are regularly disinfected. All the worker has health certificate. 

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In this special time, Hongdefa hope all of us have good health, have good life.

Here is some information about the coronavirus

Some characteristics about this virus

1.High transmission rate.

2.Incubation period can be as long as 14 days and ,in some exceptional cases, 24 days

3.There are increasing numbers of none-symptoms or mild symptoms patients, which means that some infected patients do not show they have been infected already, for example, they dunt seem to have high fever or they dunt cough much, and therefore made it difficult to identify or isolate them. 

4.Difficult to separate this from common flu if there is no proper diagnose reagent

5.Some existing reagents for this virus may not give accurate result.  There are cases some patients have been infected already but the reagent gave opposite result.  In some rare cases, it can take 3-4 testings before finally confirming the infection.

6.So far there is no cure and it can take long time to work out vaccine (if there will be any vaccine)

7.The only CURE currently is patient’s own immunity.  And current effective medical treatment is trying every means possible to delay the worsening of patient’s whole condition and to win the time for the patient to regain the immunity.  (in some cases, some none-symptoms or mild symptoms patients can recover even without a treatment which is a solid proof of the role played by immunity)

Where this virus attacks
It means you have to wear mask for protection and if possible also eyes-protection glasses .
It means you should not touch your mouth/nose/eyes before you PROPERLY wash your hands

Key point is to isolate yourself, i.e., minimizing all contacts with both human beings and all articles around you.
1.Minimize or stop all unnecessary meetings and social activities;
2.Use disposable gloves when touching all things in public, such as elevator button, door system, water tap, etc;
3.Avoid using central conditioning (very important) and open the window for better for better ventilation.  Target is to minimize the high concentration of virus in the air;
4.Find some plastic bags, fill the water,  tighten the bag, and put them on the floor filler and kitchen faucet to prevent the polluted air in the sewer pipes from entering the room;   
5.Close seat cover before flushing the toilet;
6.Use 75% ethyl alcohol to wipe the desks, computer etc.  But do not spray onto your clothes or into the air (it can cause fire in some situations);
7.Wear masks, and stay away at least 3 meters from anyone who are not wearing masks;
8.Do not touch the outside part of the mask as it is considered polluted already;  if you have to touch it,  make sure to wash your hand PROPERLY before touching your mouth/nose/eyes;
9.Avoid the elevator and try to walk;
10.Avoid bus (if possible) and try to drive by yourself;
11.Prepare thermometer (prepare exergen if it is used in office as it does not need to touch anyone’s skin to get the temperature);
12.Do not visit anywhere unnecessary;
13.When you get home, first thing to do is to take shower to clear up yourself.  Do not touch your kid before that.  Hang your outwear in open and windy space.  Wash your inner wear with boiled water or use the drying function of the washing machine (to kill the virus with high temperature);
14.During a real outbreak, if you get a cold or cough, do not go to hospital right away, as it is more possible that you can get infected there. 

Thank you for sending us inquiries about maize/wheat milling machine. 

1)If you not put order yet, please just put order, we will delivery the machine on time, and we believe very soon will see you become much more rich because of the milling plant

Our 24hr hotline is +86 138 3110 7620 (wechat

Email: wheatmaizemill2@gmail.com  

2)If you already put the order, please just prepare yourself ready to install the machine, store maize or wheat. All the other things we will arrange properly. Very soon you will see the milling machine running, you will benefit from the milling plant. You will see your profit.


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Now it is a very special situation in the world, coronavirus,fighting, currency inflation etc. The economic is very difficult to say. But one thing will never be changed, is the food, no matter rich or poor, all the people need eating.Food is the basic life request. 

Maize and wheat is many countries basic food. People can stop buying luxury cars, stop buying big house, stop buying other consumption things; but never stop buying food. 

It’s really very good time to start the milling business now! 

hongdefa workers produce maize mill machine

Hongdefa workers doing disinfection every day

hongdefa workers doing disinfection every day