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visit Nigeria for flour milling machinery

So far, Hongdefa milling machinery company have been cooperating with the people in Nigeria for many years.Hongdefa machinery manufacture corn milling machine, the capacity is from 5t/24h, 10t/24h, 20t/24h, 30t/24h, 50t/24h,100t/24h,200t/24h,500t/24h,2000t/24h,the popular ones are 20t/24h, 30t/24h, 50t/24h,100t/24h. For wheat milling machine, the popular ones are 36t/24h, 42t/24h, 60t/24h,80t/24h, 100t/24h,200t/24h.

All Hongdefa corn mills are of high quality and have passed ISO, CE, BV, SGS certification, COC certificates.

  Hope our team will have a wonderful trip in Nigeria and welcome more and more customers from Nigeria come to China visiting Hongdefa maize milling and wheat flour mill machines.  


Visiting Nigeria for maize milling and wheat flour mill business

200 ton wheat flour milling machine in Egypt
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In 2015,our customer in Nigeria have bought one set of 10t/24h corn flour milling machine,the customer is so happy for the function of the mills,as he told me that the corn flour from Hongdefa mills is super super white,not like that local-made machines, from where the corn flour quality is not so good and price not good too. But after he sells the flour to the market,he get more customers because that their corn flour is more white of good quality ,and flour extraction is higher, so he get more profits!

 My workmate Mrs Vanisa and Engineer Mr Guo are invited by another customer in Nigeria and our team will stay in Abuja,Nigeria for one week, from 17th July to 25th July. Please if anybody who have interests in corn mill or wheat flour mill,please contact me,I will arrange a meeting for you in advance. 

Agriculture in Nigeria

Nigeria, located at 6 degrees 3 degrees 27 'N, 24' E, in West Africa, Southeast of the country, the west coast of Guinea Bay Africa vertex, neighboring countries including Benin to the west, Niger in the north, northeast across Lake Chad and the Chad border on a small border, East and Southeast and adjacent to Cameroon, south of the Atlantic Bay in Guinea.

Nigeria is an agricultural country, The main grain crops are sorghum, millet, corn, wheat and so on. Since his election as president in 1999, Obasanjo has invited Chinese experts and technicians to provide technical support for the agricultural machinery which they cannot manufacture and produce urgently in agriculture.