Wheat flour mill with 36 tons/24hr capacity - Ethiopia client check the flour mill quality in China factory

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It is cold winter in China,especially for the northern regions,like our home , Shijiazhuang City.

It was snowing hard one week ago. But now is sunny and warmer than that of yesterday. 

This is the beautiful snowing scene outside our office. 

The client came from Ethiopia and it is the third time to visit China but he never came to Northern China before.

Now the temperature at his hometown is around 25 degree but in our side that is below zero. 

He catch a cold and we went to super market together and bought some warm clothes and medicine for him.

We establish good friendship and we have dinner together.

We went to our factory and client checked all of the single flour mill machines one by one. Like the automatic wheat roller mill,

the double section sifters, purifier, vibrating sifters,destoner, bran brusher,automatic weighing and packing machines etc.

There wheat flour mill is running very well in China factory, client can see how it produce wheat flour by eyes and it is easier

to know the quality. 

When we came back to office, technician team made a special design about the wheat flour mill according to his needs and

requirement.  All of the wheat flour mill design is special made for the client.

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