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 In order to make corn more suitable for processing, to meet the requirements of the quality of corn processing products, so that the rate of flour and processing quality as a whole to enhance the use of scientific methods must be pre-processing of these raw materials, processing equipment and corn processing equipment and processing technology and processing technology Must be done in place, such as moisture regulation, steam conditioning, drying and so on.

 Deep processing of corn is an important measure to solve the problem of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. For example, you can extract bio-alcohol, do alcohol with corn to solve energy problems. Another example: corn germ meal, alcohol germ meal feed, corn paper spray, corn kernels, corn gluten meal, bran and so on.

The future, still need to take some measures to promote the healthy development of the domestic deep processing industry. First of all, the government needs to guide the policy to speed up the corn processing equipment industry product structure adjustment; Secondly, vigorously promote the low input, pollution of small corn monkey germination of corn flour technology and equipment; again, the development of corn starch depth development and comprehensive utilization Technology and equipment; Finally, the active use of corn embryo technology, the development of corn oil products.

 It is understood that the basic processes of corn processing equipment are physical processes, in the process of equipment and the type of corn to meet the different processing technology on the quality of corn and moisture content requirements are also different. Below the parameters will lead to corn flour powder rate is low, resulting in corn waste, higher than the equipment requirements will affect the equipment and accessories life. Corn in the variety, moisture content and quality, etc. are very different, these differences on the corn processing technology and product quality is also a great impact.

Processing equipment has a far-reaching impact on maize quality

 Corn deep processing industry involves a wide range of categories and areas, the demand for related equipment can be imagined. With the scientific and technological progress, the development of food industry, corn industry chain continues to lengthen, resource utilization efficiency continues to increase, the proportion of corn processing equipment has also been expanding. At the same time, corn processing equipment business development scale also increases, manufacturing products are also increasingly demanding.

corn processing in China

 Corn is also the main raw material for industrial alcohol and shochu. There are many kinds of grain processing methods: wet grinding method is the seeds in the dilute sulfite solution soak 40 to 60 hours; dry grinding method is to use spray or steam to shorten the grain wet; fermentation is the starch into sugar, plus Yeast converts sugar to alcohol.

 It can be seen that the corn processing technology, raw materials on the quality of the finished product a great impact, but also affect the relevant processing equipment life and effectiveness. In addition, it is noteworthy that, despite the recent years, China's corn processing equipment, structural adjustment of the initial results, but the corn processing industry product structure is still in an unreasonable state. Domestic deep processing industry in the control of corn as raw material fuel ethanol effect is more significant, more promising product support is still not enough.

Corn processing products up to 3000 kinds, The corn processing machine plays a decisive role .

Corn in China's production area is just after the  rice, wheat, although the nutritional value is lower than other grains, but its scope of application is very wide, not only fresh for eat, but also can be processed into starch, alcohol and other food, medicine, industry and other fields .At the same time, corn deep processing of infinite possibilities and good market, but also to the relevant food machinery opportunities and challenges.

Corn processing application is very wide

Corn is not only people's rations and "feed king", is also an important industrial raw materials, can be processed into more than 3,000 kinds of industrial products. Corn processing industry is characterized by large processing space, industrial chain is long, the product is extremely rich, including starch, starch sugar, modified starch, alcohol, enzyme preparations, condiments, medicinal, chemical and other eight series, but mainly starch and alcohol, Other products are the deeper products of these two products or the production of by-products, these deep processing of products or by-products of its value is very high that has a high value-added, then can bring high profits.

 Corn as raw material to produce starch, can get the best chemical composition, the lowest cost of the product, the value of more than a few hundred times the original value of corn, widely used in paper, food, textile, pharmaceutical and other industries. Alcohol produced from corn starch as a raw material is a green "clean fuel" that is likely to be used in the 21st century to replace traditional fuels.

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 Using high-tech bio-engineering technology, corn starch deep processing, extract the nutrients of corn ----- high-energy oligosaccharides. Isomaltooligosaccharide is the most excellent variety of high-energy oligosaccharides, it is the deep processing of starch sugar products, in high temperature and pressure by decolorization, ion exchange, concentrated from. One is to provide the necessary nutrients to the human body; the second is to help the body of bacteria rapid propagation, enhance resistance, especially for intestinal flora health help.

Current Status of Deep Processing of Corn in China