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Gifts for Zimbabwe clients, visiting for maize mill machine

Last month the client from Gweru invited our team for visiting Zimbabwe and he also wanted to discuss more about a new factory of wheat flour mill machine. My workmate Mrs Vanisa and Engineer Mr Guo will come to Harare and Gweru, Zimbabwe from 4th April 2018 to 10 April 2018. 

 And here we will take some gifts for the Zimbabwe clients.

The relationship between Zimbabwe and China is more and more close in these years, not only in cultural exchanges but also on economic exchanges. 

This is the Beijing Opera Facial Masks which our team will take to Harare,Zimbabwe and give the presents to our clients. 

If you have interests to meet with our team for the maize milling machine or wheat flour mill, please contact me at +86 18330112982 ,wechat and whatsApp. Our email is wheatmaizemill2@gmail.com ,I will arrange a meeting for you in advance. 

Recently, Wang Haiwei, a national first-tier judge and senior culinary technician from China's catering industry, came to Zimbabwe to exchange ideas with local Chinese restaurants, introducing them to advanced management concepts and management methods in China, and teaching chefs innovative dishes suited to local ingredients and cooking techniques, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of Chinese restaurants in Zimbabwe.

Wang Haiwei introduced the Chinese food to the Zimbabwe Ministry of Defense officials

In 2008, hongdefa team have put the first branch offices in Harare,Zimbabwe, this is the first branch offices we have put in Africa, and we have installed many milling machines in Zimbabwe, our customer in Zimbabwe have bought one set of 50T/24h wheat flour milling machine from Hongdefa flour mill factory China,the customer is so happy for the function of the mills,and he earns good profits. While after some time,we have moved the branch office to Lusaka,Zambia as Hongdefa team wanted to transfer the main market to Zambia at that time it develops rapidly in the whole country of Zambia. 

In 2015, another client from Gweru, Zimbabwe have put a order of 90T/24H maize milling machine and in 2016 it’s installed smoothly and started the production of maize grits. 

Click here to watch the video of this 90T/24H maize milling machine. : 


50T wheat flour mill in Zimbabwe

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Wang Haiwei introduced the Chinese food to the Zimbabwe Ministry of Defense officials