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Now we are preparing the visa to Nigeria for one of my engineer. He is going to do the installation and testing of 10 tons/24h wheat flour mill for the client in Kaduna State,Nigeria. The client first contact with us since June ,2015. After detailed discussion and negotiation on the design of 10 ton/24hr wheat flour milling machine, we signed contract and he sent the payment. But we never met each other before. Just see his face from IMO video and heard his voice from WhatsApp calling and Calling by mobile. He is so kind and help a lot for the visa. Middle of June they will meet, and my engineer will do his best to guide installation for his wheat flour milling plant. 

                                                      this is the installed pic of 10 ton wheat flour mill machine. 

But I have heard there is a "Tomato emergency" in Nigeria in Kaduna state!!!,where most tomato production take place. 
The price of a basket of tomatoes has increased from $1.20 less than three months ago to more than $40 today.

                                                          this is the "tomato emergency"  from Kaduna,Nigeria.

Oh my god, ,,,,,, if possible, my engineer would take baskets of tomatoes for food next month!

Engineer go Nigeria installing wheat flour mill                          while "Tomato emergency" in Nigeria