Maize Productivity in Ghana:

Just like in Eastern africa, Maize is also an important food crop in Ghana, accounting for more than 50 percents of the country’s total cereal production. The Ghana Grains Development Project and the Food Crops Development Project made some major investments to improve maize yield. Despite these efforts, the average maize yield in Ghana remains one of the lowest in the world, much lower than the average for Africa south of the Sahara. One of the reason why the maize productivity is much lower than other countries, is that the quality of maize is not as good as those places, and in other side, the local millers still can’t get good quality machinery to process the corn into top quality of corn flour as market required. 

maize milling equipments
pictures of 50 ton corn flour milling equipments

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Inspecting corn meal milling machinery from Ghana

Last month,a guy called George from Ghana came to Hongdefa machinery inspect a total capacity of 2 ton/hour corn meal milling machinery which was ordered in November 2016. He had a chance to visit our office in Zambia last year,and he witnessed a 100 tons/24h corn flour mills which produces quality of corn meal as called breakfast meal and roller meal. He is so happy for the quality. He said Ghana government encourage a lot for their business ,especially for agricultural machinery, that clearing of equipments from their port is free and also they will not have to pay tax for ten years once is under free zone.