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Hongdefa team can send engineers to guide to do installation the maize flour milling equipment and train workers. Hongdefa Machinery will be you best choice about maize flour mill machine.

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You also need to think about the business strategy for this maize flour milling machine. Are you milling for farmers or buying the maize to sell the milled flour to the market. The former requires you calculate an optimum price and quantity for which you will switch on your mill. The later requires not just for networks both with the maize growers and the flour buyers, but also well planned warehouses for this maize flour milling factory that are adequate to storage of both maize and flour.
You might have to look into investment in transport of flour as well as the market where to sell the maize flour. But that depends on the scale at which you wish to operate for this maize flour milling plant. 

What do I need to know before starting a maize flour milling

 factory in Uganda?

30t/24h maize flour milling for posho flour.
commissioning degerminator on the maize flour milling plant

My workmate Mr Huang Qiang, technical manager of Hongdefa maize flour milling machinery, also has a really good answer. For a maize flour milling factory, he says that you should consider a way of steadying supply of maize. He is thinking if you want to operate all year round,and should consider to have a good relationship with farmers or maize grains supplier,then you will get good price of maize grains.


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Choosing a high quality of maize flour milling is a vital thing for maize flour milling plant. In Uganda, we have installed 10 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 70tons per 24h maize flour mill machine in Uganda. If you want to know more about Hongdefa machinery,welcome to check on for more machine brochures, specifications and quote. Now in Kampala, near Lugogo show grounds, Hongdefa team have put a branch office, engineer Mr Jason Zhang is responsible for the office services.

I am currently working in a maize flour milling manufacturer in China for maize flour milling machine ,wheat flour mill, rice mill machines. During the course of my interviews, I have learned a thing or two about processing maize flour milling and the way to start a maize flour milling factory in Uganda.  

You need to be appropriately located. Close enough to market as well as to growers. By close I don't mean literally. I mean that the cost of getting maize to you and out to the market should not radically affect price. You are better off physically located as close to the farmer(s) as possible. 
You will want to consider power supply. You need a reliable source that is within your ability to pay. Some maize flour millings use strictly generators that are run only when either there is maize or when the maize reaches an optimal threshold.