As we know the maize milling business is a big market in many Africa countries,like Zambia,Kenya, Uganda,Tanzania etc. Local people’s staple food is Unga,Ugali,fufu etc.The main food is Maize meal or maize flour (super white maize meal ,breakfast meal,mealie meal)

Just in Zambia, the maize meal is more white, people like super white, the maize meal extraction is not high like Kenya. This will request to take the germ and the maize skin out of the maize meal by the Degerminator in the maize milling plant. In this section the main is the maize degerminator, which is to remove the germ and bran skin out.  So it is the heart of the maize milling business, if this machine not good technology, no matter how good your other machines, your machine still could not get high quality breakfast meal ,mealie meal for Zambia people. So for our degerminator we use Japan dehulling system and separate system, with the American technology for the degerminating system and South Africa maize experience, which can scrub the maize germ and maize skin out of it cavity, with the minimum deduction of the maize meal, will get high maize meal extraction with good quality. For the milling section use China advanced brand automatic roller mill, and China advanced plansifter. For this whole plant just one characteristic “advance”

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For the maize milling business trend, like in 30 years ago in China, there is many small factory for wheat flour mill, almost one county have 2 or 3 flour mill factories,the competition is very strong. 

Then some factory boss begin to think how can I earn money?

I have to enlarge my capacity, everyday I can processing extra 50T or 100T flour,then I will low down the sales price of my flour, but I can sale more, then other people will not have the ability to compare with me. When he have this planing,he begin the collect the money, find the finance, beginning to enlarge the capacity of the wheat flour mill, before he sale 1USD per kilo, now he low down the price to 0.8usd per kilo, all the housewife buy his flour, quality is fixed good, price is low, the other small factory have low market low client, after sometime, the other small wheat flour mill factory closed. Then the big wheat flour mill factory become bigger and bigger, that is why in China now the wheat flour market are controlled by few big factories. If you want to see the small wheat flour mill machine running, almost impossible. 

Just like in Zambia and other Africa countries, in the future for the maize mill business,the big maize milling factory will have more advance condition than the small one, if there is two much competition, the capacity and the quality will be the two key point.It may be more difficult for the small maize millers.

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This is the installed 150 ton per 24hour maize milling plant in Mupulungu of Zambia.  It earn good profits for the boss. 

How to earn profit from maize milling plant in Zambia ?