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How much knowledge flour it has? 

One. Flour white, bread is not white

1. White is a kind of light reaction, for example, the same kind of flour moisture content is not the same, people's perception of whiteness is different. Under normal circumstances flour moisture containing two. Bread sticky
High volume. Sensory whiteness than the low moisture content of flour white.

2. Broken starch high content of flour products made without normal flour gloss good. That is to say, the flour with high content of damaged starch looks white, but the bread made without normal flour is white.

3, the finer the flour, looks more white, but the noodle products are not necessarily white.

4, the ambient temperature is too high or prolonged stay of flour, due to temperature, humidity and other factors, the composition of the flour itself has changed, may also lead to bread is not white.

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Two. Bread sticky

1, the newly harvested wheat in the maturing period made of flour bread sticky, and the other raw grain emergence of germination, moldy, severe worm eaten, broken wheat and more Phenomenon noodle products will be sticky.

2, broken flour in the starch content is too high will lead to noodle products sticky.

3, steamed bread is not steamed

4, the newly harvested wheat did not dry the wheat in time, or high temperature and humidity in the storage process, the occurrence of wheat germination, such wheat flour, bread will be sticky.

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Three. Steamed bread collapsed

1, damaged starch content is high, damaged starch, it is easy to make a-amylase effect, resulting in some intermediates, resulting in collapse of steamed bread.

2.If the wheat is damaged by heat or the roller is overheated, the flour protein may be denatured by heat, which may result in collapse of the steamed bread.

3. Steamed buns in the process of over-production will result in collapse of steamed bread.

Four. Flour green

1, there may be microbial infection, produce cyanin caused by fungi.

2, wheat is not fully mature, chlorophyll has not yet fully converted to cause pink hair blue.

3, the larger number of grinding roller replacement, the flour will contain metal impurities, resulting in flour or black hair.

4, low precision flour processing, the basic pink color may cause flour to flourish.

Five flour red

1, is caused by microbial infection, that is, raw materials, mainly produce red pigment fungus.

2, caused by excessive metal ion content,

Six. white dry flour, black hair when the water

1, the main problem is the raw grain flour black hair, the general will be sticky, mainly raw grain is sprouting, whether the smell of wheat itself and so on.

2. Damaged starch content is high.

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Seven. The luster of flour

1, in general, hard wheat flour flour polished better than soft wheat,

2. Flour particle size is too small or too large will affect its luster.

Eight. organic flour flavor

In general, it is caused by pollution

1, contaminated raw grain storage process.

2, in the process of processing flour, oil, oil into dry flour,

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