Commissioning 10 ton corn flour milling machines in Mozambique 

It has been almost one year since we put the order with client from Mozambique for a 10t/24h corn flour milling machines. 

During the last one year, he was busy with some other projects and he just kept the 10 tonnes corn mill line in his warehouse when they received the goods from Nacala port,Mozambique. 

Last December,he called me and he wanted us to send our engineer to Pemba for installing the corn flour milling plan as soon as we can. As he told me, he already prepared the warehouse ready, and water, electricity almost ready.  So once engineer is there, everything  shall start smoothly and quickly in case of everything ready in client's side. Then we chose one of most experienced engineer from our Technician Department and started arrangement for the visa to Mozambique . It took around two weeks for the visa application only.  Everything went very well and smoothly.   

It was snowing when my engineer leaving Beijing,China. But when he arrived Pemba, it was hot summer in Mozambique, he told me, he love summer and the factory is located in a good place where is not far from the beach. 

The workers was working well and some are doing the assistance there. 

It took about two weeks to finish the installation of this 10 ton/24h corn flour milling machine, it is with two roller mill and one sets double section sifters.  All of them are a whole line, with cleaning part, degerminating part, milling part and packaging part.  Note that packing machines are included, that client already got a whole system.  

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This is the empty warehouse for corn flour mill

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On a Monday morning, they started to testing the corn flour mill.  The control panel was connected with electricity (380V,50HZ ,3 Phase), some bags of corn grains was put in the loading pit,going through the maize cleaner, destoner, then the cleaning corn grains going to moisture dampener and degerminator (dehuller) for remove the corn hulls/bran skin and germ from the corn grains,just milling the endosperm. 

After it come to the roller mill for grinding and to the double section sifter for sifting the corn flour via different wiremesh of sieves until he get the 

size of flour as he wanted and the pure corn flour as market required. 

All the commissioning was going on well. Client said: "I bought 10 tons corn flour mill as it's new business for me. I wanted to visit your factory and learn more about the technology. Two years later I will buy a bigger one with my brother".

Most welcome to China!

There we have a corn flour milling line running in our factory and we can mill the corn flour together and cook the "ugali" together! 

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