hongdefa machinery milling manager in competition
500 ton wheat flour mill machine in Ethiopia
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Mrs Rita, as one of the Judges, was so fortunately to witness all of these.

She and I graduated in same city at Tangshan, Hebei province, but not same university,her major is Clinical medicine of North China Coal Medical University and graduated in 2005. but my major is Logistics management in same city.

But both of us came to Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd for maize milling machines, wheat flour milling machinery, rice mill and cassava mill and we are into agricultural business.

From July 2005 - July 2006,she went to Ethiopia and opened the branch office in Addis ababa, responsible for the 500 tons of wheat flour milling equipment for AFIA FOOD COMPLEX in Ethiopia.

From September to October in 2006,she went to Dakar,Senegal and witnessed the installation and commissioning of 50 tons of wheat flour milling equipment,supplied by Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd.

From January 2007 to Janurary 2008, Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd plan to set up an office in Harare, Zimbabwe, she was honored to be responsible for this and in this year,she inspected the work for installation of 50 tons corn milling equipment, 30 tons of wheat flour milling equipment in Zimbabwe.

Last week, our sales manager Mrs Rita was honored to attend the China Students Cross-Border E-Commerce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition as one of the Judges in Dong Guan,China,which is organised by People's Government of Dongguan and National Human Resources Research Institute of Tsinghua University for service outsourcing . That’s really our pleasure and it was an unforgettable experience. 

Attend  China Students Cross-Border E-Commerce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 

It’s summer in China now, more raining and a group of the Judges from Shijiazhuang was supposed to arrive the hotel in Dongguan at 3pm, but until 6:30 in the evening the Judges arrived in the hotel because of thunderstorms, it was delayed more than 3 hours.

On the morning of second day, all of the Judges from all over China held a meeting  from 9 am to 10am, the main point is to divide into different groups for this competition in different dimensions. Rita was honored to be in group C as the Judge,she is responsible for innovation group. 

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hongdefa machinery milling manager in competition

In the next two years, Mrs Rita and one of colleague Mr Huang went to Kinshasa ,Congo where was installing 50ton/24h maize milling equipment and 20 tons corn milling equipment, the branch office was set up in same year.

July 2013 to August 2014, One of Engineer in Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd and Mrs Rita came to study the maize milling technology in Johannesburg, South Africa,especially for African maize. In the same time, the 1500t/24h maize milling plant was installed and commissioning well.

From 2015 till now, Rita went to different countries for the overseas sales of maize milling machine and wheat flour mill machines in Zambia, Uganda,Kenya,Malawi,Ethiopia and other places,totally 104 sets of milling equipment was set up in these countries. In Kenya, 150 tons of corn processing equipment running in 2015, Zambia 200 tons of corn processing equipment is installing in 2016.

In October 2016,Rita and I went to Kampala,Uganda for the 24thTnternational Trade Fair in Lugogo. In July, we will come to Lusaka,Zambia for the National Trade Fair and I am sure we will meet many of old and new friends from there!

On Monday next week, 26th June,Rita and my colleague Penny will come to Dar es salaam,Tanzania for the 41st Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair 2017 (Sabasaba Trade Fair) the Address:

Mwalimu J. K. Nyerere Trade fair Grounds ,
Plot. No. 436 Block A, Kilwa Road ,
Dar Es salaam, Tanzania ,
You can find them at Booth 90, Karume Hall.

This is Mrs Rita ,a beautiful and Intelligent Lady! 

Over 300 groups from different universities in different city of China came to attend this competition,the headman first made a wonderful speech and the other two members of the team will show the PPT ,and tell in detail about the operation of Alibaba, the points of displaying products, Keyword Optimization, Data analysis etc in different dimensions.

All of the students are so excellent and all of them are so proud of to attend this competition, but according to the rules of this competition, the Judges had to select 28 teams as the Excellent team from the over-300 teams.

According the rules, the three-advanced team was honored the three-special awards, and each of them was awarded the trophy and in the same time, was awarded 10,000yuan as bonus. The total bonus of this competition is over 1,650,000yuan!

So lucky they are! Thanks for the opportunity! Thanks for their effort!

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Rita attend the international trade fair in Uganda 0ctober 2016
hongdefa machinery milling manager in competition
Tony Yao attend the international trade fair in Uganda 0ctober 2016 for maize mill machines