Maize mill machine can produce super white maize meal,breakfast meal,super fine maize flour,maize samp,grits for brewery(maize semoule/farina). Maize flour mill ideal quality to cook the dish like Ugali,Fufu,Sadza,Nshima. The size of final products and all design are adjustable based on client's needs and local market changing for the maize flour mill machine.

Maize mill machine capacity is from 200kg/hr to 50ton/hr. During last ten years,we have expanded maize milling machines to most of African countries,like :

Maize mill Zambia (10t/d,20t/d,30t/d,50t/d,120t/d,150t/d)

Maize mill Kenya (10t/d,20t/d,30t/d,50t/d,,150t/d)

Maize mill Uganda  (5t/d,10t/d,20t/d,30t/d,50t/d)

Maize mill South Africa  (50t/d,100t/d,500t/d) 

Maize mill RD Congo (10t/d,20t/d,30t/d,50t/d) and so on.

Maize mill different design for clients according to different market in the country,like mentioned above and Zimbabwe,Congo,Ethiopia,Tanzania,Rwanda,Burkina Faso etc and South American countries ,like Venezuela,Brazil,Haiti etc.

  Wheat Flour Mill 

maize milling equipment for Uganda
small scale maize flour milling machinery

   5-10T/24h Wheat Mill

chickpea milling machine for Algeria

Rice flour mill is specially design for milling the rice to fine rice flour.Many dishes are made from rice flour, including rice noodles and desserts like Japanese mochi and Filipino cascaron. Vietnamese banh canh uses rice flour. Rice flour is used in making General Tso's chicken, neer dosa, golibaje (Mangalore bajji), mantou, and rotti. The flour is mixed with wheat, millet, other cereal flours, and sometimes dried fruits or vegetables to make manni, a kind of baby food.[citation needed] This is commonly made in the districts of Dakshina Kannada,Udupi of  Karnataka, India. It is a regular ingredient in Bangladeshi cuisine and is used in many rotis and desserts such asshondesh and bhaka phitha (steamed rice cakes). It is also used in Iranian  Kheer (a common South Asian dessert).

medium wheat flour milling machinery

   Rice Flour Mill 

wheat flour mill for bread flour cake flour

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   Maize Mill 

  5-10T/24h Maize Mill

  20-30T/24h Maize Mill

small wheat grinder, wheat grinding mill

Wheat flour mill is a whole line including cleaning,milling &packing system. To mill the soft wheat/hard wheat to different grade of flour,bread flour,cake flour for bakery use and semolina for pasta. And also have the line for milling the durum wheat 

Wheat flour mill different capacities exported to America,Brazil,Egypt,

Ethiopia,Ghana,Zimbabwe,Somalia,Sudan,Nigeria,Tajikistan,Afghanistan,Pakistan,India etc over 30 countries.

In 2015,we sent engineers to Ethiopia guide installation for 42 ton/24h and 80 ton/24h wheat flour mill with steel structure.
We sent experienced engineers to Egypt guide installation for 200ton/24h wheat mill with pneumatic roller mill and high quality plan sifters. This is the second order from the same client since eight years ago he bought the 60 tons/24hr wheat flour mill line.

The wheat flour mill is different from the maize milling machine, the wheat need more cleaning machine, and need longer moisture time, also  wheat flour is more fine like 100 wiremesh,110wiremesh, 120wiremesh  etc.

The wheat flour milling machine is  light break fine rolling,so it need more break to get good quality wheat flour. There are many facts decide the flour quality.

Now we have the running wheat flour mill of 120T/24h around 40km far from our factory, and welcome to visit our factory 

small scale maize flour mill for sale in africa

   50-80T/24h Wheat Mill

   20-60T/24h Wheat Mill

Chickpea flour milling machine/Soybean flour milling machine  is new design. It can process the chickpea / garbanzo to fine flour. As its rich nutrition and good for healthy,some clients mix the chickpea fine flour together with soybean flour or add it in some instant drinks.People from Algeria,Pakistan and Indian sometimes do like this.

 Chickpea/Soybean milling machine

biggest wheat flour plant
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   50-100T/24h Maize Mill

rice flour mill machine
corn flour milling machines for commercial use

  120-600T/24h Maize Mill


 100-500T/24h Wheat Mill