Flour Milling Single Machines

Maize flour milling single machines and wheat flour mill single machines photo: Welcome to visit HONGDEFA China factory,there you can see the real milling machines and complete maize / wheat milling line. 

The 120 t/24hr wheat flour mill line is working now in China factory.

The maize milling line is working / running now! 

We are happy to mill the maize meal / maize flour / wheat flour for client and client can check all the quality, client will know Hongdefa quality. 

 3. Flour milling - Milling section

 2. Flour milling - Degerminating section

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A pre- cleaner / destoner to pre-clean the maize by removing the residual cobs,stones, dusts and ferrous metals via magnetic trap
A moistening screw to wet the maize preparatory to hulling / degerminating 
A maize huller / degerminator  to remove the outlet husks and any material adhering to the grain, to increase the quality of the product.

Raw material Cleaner :
The wheat/maize flow into the first sieve surface through feeding entrance. Inside this surface, large impurity on the upper sieve is discharged to  the hopper.The wheat/maize through first sieve surface to the second sieve surface for continual filter. Inside this surface, the material separate byupper sieve surface.The small impurity is discharged on the sole plate straightly, the clean stock on the upper sieve surface come to the discharging hopper through the suction channel.


Destoner is mainly used in the pre-cleaner and after the first cleaner, grading of wheat or corn, focus light impurities (mustard seeds, seeds, wheat husks, etc.) and removal of sand, mud. It can also be used for other grains, cereals and seeds cleaning selection.
This machine is the use of wind, vibration sieve matching principle, with high efficiency, grading, to gravel, mud good performance, low power consumption, no dust outside the machine, low noise, easy operation and maintenance and so on.
The machine is equipped with a separate suction net, the effect is more stable and prominent.

Aspirator :

Can used in the wheat flour mill and maize mill plant, which applies to the wheat, rye, oats, barley, soybeans, peanuts, corn, cocoa beans and other granular materials isolated dust, hull, nibs and light impurities.
vibrating feeder forming a thin and uniform material stream into the aspirator,easily adjustment plate with plexiglass can easily adjust the size of the aspirator so that the air speed is adjusted to the required figure, and thus the separation of different materials to get the best results, since the down adjustment can be moved,so facilitate internal cleaning.
through plexiglass panels, can easily observe the separation of materials, and therefore easy to adjust operations.

Dampener :

Using in the wheat moisture adjustment,it can stabilize wheat with water so that the wheat moisture evenly,it can improved grinding performance, enhanced bran toughness, lower adhesion bran and endosperm, grinding and sifting improve efficiency, help to improve the quality of flour yield and pink.​

Degerminator :
Maize Degerminator / dehuller is one of the most important machine in maize flour milling line. It is special designed to scrub the skin from the maize kernel and to dislodge the germ from its cavity, with the minimum reduction in size of the broken fragments.

Dry degermination with low fat content technology, multi-faceted sieve tube designed screen,high quality stainless steel nitriding treatment  

It is widely used in maize flour milling machinery, especially for Kenya,Zambia,Uganda,South Africa, Zimbabwe,Tanzania, Namibia,Ethiopia market etc. 
It will dislodge germ from its cavity. If client want to separate germ from maize flour, it needs to be combined with Germ Selector and Aspirator by wind. 

Roller Mill 
   1)The partitioned paneling and swing-out feed module guarantee ideal  
 access to the feeding and grinding rolls. This makes residue-free cleaning possible.
   2) a pulse generator automatically adjust the feed material at the entrance door
   3) temperature monitor (option)
Roller: Two different alloys with a mixing ratio allow the perfect balance to be achieved between hardness and roughness.

Type 2235,2540,2560 unitary flour mills have the features of compacting structure, easy operate, can be used in building 20 - 90 ton/24h  r flour complete plant.

Double / Single section sifter 
​A multi-stage screen to separate various products . High efficiency sifting,easily for installation and commissioning.suitable for wheat flour,maize meal checking or less stock classifying ,sifting in large size of flour factory.

Plansifter  : 
Widely used in maize flour milling line and wheat flour mill. 
With 6,8,12 section, up to 32 sieves per section, 16 to 110 square meters net sieve area,depending on the particular model and size.

Excellent sifting efficiency thanks to higher dynamic acceleration, High sanitation.

All inside walls and doors provided with high-grade insulation, Easy access for cleaning.

Packing machine : using for flour,grits, or bran.e-measurement technology, realized automatically fill, automatically detect weight,  automatically  measure the number of bags. It is widely used to  pack powdery materials continuously.  It has different packing weight: 5kg,10kg,12.5kg,20kg,25kg,50kg.​ 
PP woven bag, nylon bag. 

A : PLC  Control  System : 
Processing start and stop function: to meet various process requirements of the premise, so in order to start, sequential shutdown.
Precleaner start requestment: beginning with the last machine which before the silo,descending order start the machine. Before the raw grain going to the silo, first start the air system,after the air system working,then start other machine. Device startup sequence starts from the back-end process equipment, process equipment downtime from the start of front-end equipment, start-up and shut down each process segment is the reverse of the device.

Troubleshooting: according to process requirements the equipment is divided into two levels: a device fault occurs during operation or shutdown to silos pneumatic gates are closed at the same time in the segment blanking device before all the equipment and technology positions in the normal downtime order stop or delay stop (according to process requirements); two devices (winnowing, a precipitator with airlock) failure or downtime during operation when other equipment to work non-stop, pulse dust collector failure when the fan is switched off to achieve processing pulse filter failure, after the completion of repair process chain automatically switch back to the state, other equipment to work non-stop.

B : Control Cabinet  :

Power engine standby generator to power the mill in case of power outage.
The whole system will be designed to operate automatically and control is through an electrical control panel which is supplied as an integral part of the machine. 

Used for small and medium capacity wheat flour mill and maize milling line.
You can see all of the running condition from the mimic board . 

 There is red light and green light which you can control up and on.  If the big red light on, that means giving alarm and the line is in problem. So we can manage and control how to do with it.  That is popular and easy to operate in the maize and wheat milling machines. 

​​ 4. Flour milling - Packing section

​​​​ 1. Flour milling - Cleaning section

 5. Flour milling - Control system