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Intelligent palletizing robot

1). Scope of application:

Intelligent palletizing robot is widely used in feed industry, fertilizer industry, flour industry, cement industry, beer industry, grain and oil industry, seasoning industry, daily chemical industry, wine industry, bottled water industry, barreled water industry, beverage industry and other industry bags, boxes, barreled products.

Intelligent palletizing robot for flour milling machines

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Note: the maximum capacity under the manufacturer's development conditions is related to the actual stacking capability and the distance, the weight of the products and other field conditions.

2). Product advantage:

1. Unique linear executor
The ingenious four bar linkage makes the robot's action program simpler and more precise.

2. Design of energy saving and environmental protection arm
The high strength aluminum alloy arm not only makes the arm move more flexible, but also reduces the energy consumption.

3. simple teaching operation and friendly graphical user interface.

It has less teaching position and simple operation interface, which makes on-site debugging easier and the efficiency of the field greatly improved.

The high precision field action simulation software can be used to know the normal operation of the scene in advance in your computer. Automatic interference detection avoids the occurrence of interference.

Using powerful 3D simulation software, you can easily complete robot programming in the office. The layout, interference detection and field action simulation have become simple and effective, thus greatly reducing the debugging time in the field and improving the overall production efficiency.