1. Where have you installed the 30 tons/24hr

automatic corn flour mill milling machine ?

3. What kinds of finished products this 30T/24h corn flour mill produce ?

  • Advanced quality. That's most important. 
  • Hongdefa factory is Manufacturer,you can get bottom factory price!
  • Branch offices oversea in Kampala,Uganda / Lusaka,Zambia / Addis ababa,Ethiopia. 
  • Life-long after-sale services.
  • Maintenance and spare parts available from our oversea offices. 

2. What is your advantage for the 30 tons/24hr corn milling machine ?

30T/24h Corn Flour Milling Machine 

  • Hongdefa factory have installed more than 100sets 30t/24h corn flour milling machine in Africa. 

            Such as 30T corn meal mill in Ghana, 30T corn flour mill in Kenya, 30T corn milling plant in Zambia
           30T corn posho mill in Uganda,30T corn flour milling machinery in Tanzania for sembe etc.  

           Welcome come to Zambia to see our running corn mill machines. 

  • This 30T/24h corn flour mill is Low investment and easy and fast to install. 
  • This 30T/24h corn milling machine is the most popular for new starters.  
  • Double screw stainless steel moisture damper                                                                        
  •  Stainless steel magnetic separator for metal     
  • Corn milling machine uses Japan technology degerminator in the degerminating system, which can remove the germ and bran skin, just milling the endosperm, it can produce "super white" flour, corn grits.  
  •  Stainless steel pipes in flour system where contact with corn flour                                                   
  • This corn milling production Line is new design of “Touch screen Controlling System”, from the screen you can see the running condition of the  corn flour milling machine.  Touch screen control/Schneider electric components/high quality switch/standard cable connection 
  • Automatic filling & packaging system

The corn flour milling machinery can  produce high quality super white corn meal, corn flour, different sizes of corn grits, corn samp.  It can cook delicious staple food for  Fufu, Ugali, Posho, Nshima,Unga etc. 

control system for 30T corn flour milling machine
30T corn flour milling machine running in Nairobi Kenya

4. What is the new technology of your corn flour milling plant? 

Hongdefa factory have successful corn milling machinery projects in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia,Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Cameroon, Angola, Benin, Ghana, Togo, Burkina faso,Nigeria,Chad,Venezuela, etc. The corn flour milling machine capacity is from 5T/24h to 1500T/24h

clients to buy corn flour milling machine
different size of super white corn meal, corn flour ,corn grits, samp
control system for 30T corn flour milling machine
control system for 30T corn flour milling machine
control system for 30T corn flour milling machine