Others we can supply

Steel structure workshop.


Lab equipment.

“My village never had access to the clean water we needed to sustain all of our people until Water Charity. They came to us with open arms and big smiles, helping us install multiple wells and educating us about the importance of clean drinking water. They have helped us so much!"



Village Elder

Maize Mill

Unite Machine

5 May 2013

Chad dig! We installed a new irrigation system

  • Constructing wells in Ethiopia
  • Digging irrigation systems in Chad
  • Installing filtration systems in Cambodia
  • Shipping filtration tablets to Afghanistan
  • Providing education in Laos

Capacity: 500T ,10 00T, 20 00T,30 00T, 50 00T, 8 000T, 10 000T.

Storage: maize wheat soyabean etc.


The Lives We Impact

Hongdefa do maize/wheat mill ,silo flake mill etc. business over 35years.

Flake Mill 

Steel silo

“I never realized what a need there was for clean drinking water out there in the world. Living comfortably in America, it’s easy to forget that other people out there don’t have it as easy as you do. Volunteering with Water Charity opened my eyes and heart to a whole world of people I can help!”


Susan Muninger,

Oklahoma Volunteer


Wheat Flour Mill

01 January 2013

Well construction in Ethiopia

Capacity: 10t/24h to 500t/24h.

Raw wheat: hard wheat ,soft wheat,mix wheat.

To produce flour for making bread,cake,biscuit,pasta etc.

25 September 2013

New school built in Laos

Complete line fully automatic precooked corn mill machine.

Successful project: in Zambia,Mexico

Capacity: 10t/24h to 1500t/24h.

Final products: maize flour,maize meal,maize grits,maize bran etc.

Fully automatic complete line