Make different kind of maize meal, can separate the germ out,get pure low fat-super white -maize meal

Get sifted maize flour for ugali & maize bran for animal feeding

This small scale maize flour milling machine is very popular in Africa Countries, like Kenya, Zambia,Uganda,RD Congo etc. For the small medium  investment is good. This flour milling machine can produce high quality maize meal.

  Kenya Nairobi

For milling the chickpea and soybean to fine flour. Include cleaning & milling whole system

testing, commissioning maize flour milling after sale

Video of maize milling machines: 

150T/24h Maize Flour Milling machine is very popular for the big maize flour mill business.

  1. This set machine use steel structure,no need too much concrete structure
  2. The flour milling section where contact with the material is stainless steel 
  3. The air system use  screw air compressor 
  4. The maize Degerminator use Japan technology 
  5. The maize bin and final production bin is stainless steel 
Automatic maize roller mill,complete maize milling line

Grade flour milling production line can produce bakery flour,cake flour

and semolina.

Flour Mill For Sale from China

Why Hongdefa flour mill get good  evaluation ?

Maize / wheat flour milling machines advantage:

1.Trustworthy quality:30years milling design 

    manufacture milling machines experience 

​2.Competitive price 

​3.Flour Milling machine Satisfied  after service

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We can offer perfect solution for all kinds of

maize /wheat flour milling machines.                                                     More information  available from our Offices: Lusaka/Zambia,Kampala/Uganda, Addis Ababa/Ethiopia 

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dust control system in the flour milling machinery

Technical Flow pictorial of maize milling machines / maize flour mill:

This is the commercial maize flour milling processing machine,It include four-step : cleaning--maize degerminating--milling--maize meal packing 

  1. Cleaning system:when buying the maize,normally the maize is very dirty in Africa countries.So before processing, need to cleaning first.In the maize there is many kind of impurity,like stone,iron,rope,plastic etc. So according this we use maize drum sifter/maize cleaner/maize destoner etc machines to cleaning the maize 
  2. Degerminating system:After cleaning the maize, before degerminating,first need the moisture the maize and let the maize sleep in the moisture bin for 2-10 hours according the different request, then go to the maize degerminator, the degerminator can scrub the maize skin from maize kernel and dislodge the germ from its cavity with the minimum reduction in size of broken fragments 
  3. Milling system:The  process  of  manufacturing  the products  involves three  fundamental  sub-processes.  Firstly, physically detaches the three components of the maize kernel from each other with as little dilution or mixing as possible. Secondly, sorts and classifies the detached particles into specific groups and the last, sizes and reduces the particles to the required  granularity.  The three components are  then recombined  as necessary  depending on the type of finished  product required. The aim  of the  process then,  is to detach  the  bran  and germ from the maize kernels with a minimum disintegration of either the endosperm or the bran/ germ casing. The pure endosperm is then gradually reduced in size to form products of different granularity, ranging from the relatively large  pieces of samp to the very Fine maize flour. 
  4. Packing system: Maize flour packaging machine can packing with different kind of bags,like 1kg/2kg/5kg/10kg/25kg/50kg

​​​  150T/24H Maize Mill​

Stainless steel pipes in this whole maize flour milling section
installation 30 metric tons maize flour mill in Kenya
air system for this maize mealie meal machine
Technical pictorial of maize milling processing line
visiting China checking maize milling line is running
So happy for this maize milling equipment

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soybean and chickpea flour milling
degerminating,dehulling maize for degermed maize

Maize Flour Milling Machines

 China Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd


      1.Which capacity of maize flour mill and wheat flour milling machine do you have ?     

​          Maize flour mill:5T/D;10T/D;20T/D;30T/D;50T/D;100T/D;150T/D;200T/D;250T/D;300T/D;500T/D

          Wheat flour milling:5T/D;10T/D;20T/D;30T/D;50T/D;60T/D;80T/D;100T/D;120T/D;150T/D;200T/D;250T/D;300T/D;400T/D;500T/D

​     2.Does one milling machine can milling maize and wheat at the same time ?

             No,Maize machine is just for maize,wheat machine is just for wheat .Maize and wheat the Physical Characteristics is different,like the kernel  size,the

         structure of the kernel and the hardness is all different.The final product size is also different.All this decide the machine cleaning milling system is different 

    3.Do you have office in Africa? Where I can get the spare parts ?

          Sure, we can supply the spare parts to Africa countries from our Lusaka Zambia office ,there we have big store room for the flour mill machinery.

    4.Which kind of maize meal does your machine can milling?

          All of our maize flour milling machine can milling different size of maize meal, like maize samp;maize grits;maize rice,maize meal;maize flour;fine flour

        For the wheat flour mill can milling wheat to different kind of flour, like bakery flour,cake flour,semolina,etc 

    5.How about the warranty time of the flour milling machine? 

         Five years machine warranty  

     6.The electricity requirement ?

          380V-450V       3phase         50Hz/60Hz     all is ok    Just before put the order please give the instruction 

     7. Where have your maize milling plant and wheat flour mill running ? 

     South africa, Kenya,Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Sudan,Uganda, Malawi, Burundi, Congo, Angola, Benin, Mozambique, Mali, 

    Somalia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria ,Brazil, America, India, Argentina etc. 


​Produce different kind of rice flour rice flour is for making  different kind of food like rice cake etc 

destoner, cleaning before maize milling and sifting
maize milling machines south africa
wheat flour mill plant
packaging area for 30 tons maize milling plant

30 Tons Maize flour milling machines for sale in Kenya

big industrial maize milling plant for Kenya