1. What is your advantage for the 30 tons/24hr corn flour mill milling machine ?
All Milling Line is PLC Controlling System 
Touch screen control/Schneider electric components/high quality switch/standard cable connection 

2.   What is the final products the corn flour mill milling machine can produce ?

​It can  produce high quality super white maize meal,breakfast meal,roller meal,corn flour,corn grits etc very good for making Fufu,Ugali,Unga etc Staple Africa food 

​3.   What  is the new technology of your corn flour mill milling machinery?

Use Japan technology -- maize degerminating / dehulling system. 

4.  Does the whole system need water ?

Yes, before milling the corn, should put the water to the corn, and let the corn sleep in the bin for some time, it will be easily to take the skin and germ out of the corn.

5.  What is the extraction rate for the corn flour milling machine?

 1) Super corn meal: 60-78%   corn germ and bran: 22%-40%
  2) Special corn meal: 65%-80%  corn germ and bran: 20%-35% 
The flour yield is adjustable according to what clients need and what market requested.
We can suggest how to make maximum profit based on different market and different 

8.  How about the packing machine?

The auto packing machine can pack different size bags, like 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 25kg, 50kg etc . We also have the manual packing for you to choose. 

9.  Why buy the corn flour milling from China Hongdefa factory?

Hongdefa have many years experience, and have done many success project in different countries, like Brazil, Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, RD Congo etc .

Client good feedback,first buy the small capacity of middle capacity,normally after 2years buy the bigger capacity. 
Egypt client 2007buy the 60T/24h milling machine,2014 buy the 200T/24h milling machine  ; 

Brazil client 2009 buy the 80T/24h milling machine,2014 buy the 250T/24h milling machine;
Zambia client 2013 buy the 50T/24h milling machine,2015 buy another 50T/24h mill machine

​10.  Which capacity of the corn flour milling machine do you supply ? 

HDFM5 MILL    processsing  5ton per 24hours    mini capacity
HDFM20 MILL    processsing  20ton per 24hours    small capacity

HDFM30 MILL    processsing  30ton per 24hours    small capacity
HDFM50 MILL    processsing  50ton per 24hours    middle capacity
HDFM100 MILL    processsing100ton per 24hours    middle capacity
HDFM150 MILL    processsing 150ton per 24hours    middle capacity
HDFM500 MILL    processsing  500ton per 24hours    big capacity

11.  How to contact HONGDEFA ? 

Feel free to contact : Tony Yao
        Foreign Trade Manager
        Mobile: +86 183 301 129 82
        WhatsApp /Viber /Imo: +86 183 301 129 82 
        Skype:   tony.yao0912
        Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd (China)

  Corn flour milling machine 30 tons/24hr

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This is some client photos who visited our factory in China. What did we do together? 

    1.  We have seen  how the maize mill line is running. 

    2.  We have  checked all single machines one by one. 

    3.   We enjoyed "Ugali time" in China! We cook by ourselves.

    4.  We had a face to face meeting in office. 

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